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Feast Of The Manes (Nightbringer)

Come unto me Seraphim de Sopor Sec ulum I offer my flesh and blood that I may pluck a feather from the wings of the Angel of Death May it be a quill with which I scribe the forms of thy sacred names From the sanguine of my heart and open the gates to the labyrinth beyond slumber and death Relinquishing my corporeal form to shadow as I will pass beyond in luminous form With serpent tongue I summon those shades that would taste of the gifts of the living I, psychopomp to the agape of the stygian maze But one star shines tenebrous upon these colossal depths Nefarious pulsing Daemon's Head, risen in culmination above the atramentous wastes Sup upon these vestments I cast away, oh shambling eidolons and shadow forms of murk and drear And lay bare the knowledge unbegotten of any god I ride the currents of Erebus upon ebon wings into aphonic gulfs unending As a star new born I have become A beacon in the abyss