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Coke Can (Kira Isabella)

Standing at the pump Going through my phone So cold it looks like I'm blowing smoke The handle clicks and I close the cap Go inside to pay for the gas And then I see a coke can In some guys hand And I think of that county fair The first thing you ever bought me We were fifteen Yeah I fell for you right there Those nights those eyes your laugh All that from a coke can I don't say a word And take my receipt Gotta snap back into reality I walk every aisle a couple times Trying to get you off of my mind And then I see a flashlight By the bud light And i think of that labour day We were staying at your folks house When the storm hit And snuck down the dark hallway That night that kiss your touch First time All that form a flash light Now I'm driving home feeling all alone Tears are welling up in my eyes Are you happy now Who do you think about I had it all when you were mine And I'm missing you tonight All because of some coke can In some guys hand Took me back to those college nights We were running on caffeine and big dreams I would've given you my life These memories are all i have Those nights your eyes your smile your laugh The things we see that take us back All that from a coke can