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Foresworn Ii: Parabola (In Virtue)

Death spews forth from an empty grave The dead are coming to life again There’s some hot red blood on a cold dark tomb What a way to ruin your afternoon We are destroyers of darkness born Into the light thrust Out of the darkness we crawl Death spreads quick with a jugular kiss It’s a blood-borne nightmare of carnal bliss There’s a thousand screams ripping through the night For the twisted love of a murdered wife We are avengers of betrayal born Husband and wife, we Will lead the growing horde Soul of a man left behind Only a killer remains A ghastly silhouette Who would make a meal of flesh Oath breaker, plague bearer Your sins are come to life A global pandemic The world will pay the price This wounded fear unhinging The world, in pieces, burning Lovers in life, but killers now A feast of the walking lifeless A cannibal plague But what has changed? Are we nothing more than puppets? Whatever goes up must come down now Why do you cringe in terror? It will be over soon The restless hordes of hunters Swarming, consuming, they’ll come for us too Death is all that is left of this Unholy matrimony Our promise sealed with a kiss Foresworn for things ungodly We are destroyers of darkness born Til death do us unite We’ll tear the world apart Soul of a man left behind Only a killer remains Children of death come to life Spawn of our union invade