Paralyzed (In Virtue)

I never fell so hard You were everything I can’t control myself You’ve got me paralyzed My only dream To be redeemed My self esteem shattered Growing cold while you leave me waiting Paralyzed You left me numb Seeking comfort that never comes I surrender to the pain Unrequited I remain I never fell so hard You abandoned me Now I can’t console myself You’ve got me paralyzed Why have you forsaken me When I need you the most? I’ll never feel again I’m haunted by your ghost Why have you abandoned me When I was there for you? I gave all I could give Now all I want is the truth Now I’m awake from this dream My free will is redeemed Resurrect faith in me My shell will break finally Your command fracturing Feel the rush of sweet release Paralyzed You left me here in a daze alone Paralyzed and confined in solitude How could you leave me here waiting?