Witch Hunt (In Virtue)

The New World kneels before me By God I’ll make my name Bound for eternal glory Those who oppose me shall perish in flame Two faces, scarred and saintly One for each god I serve Die screaming like a banshee Burning to death as your cries go unheard [Ms. C:] Bleed hysteria Praise Deliria Going on a witch hunt [Trey:] I’ll be the one standing at your door With a pitchfork and a torch The free world kneels before me The crimson flag shall fall Black lists and black intentions Flush out the traitors and bury them all You’ll be my final scapegoat Ye children of the lamb My vengeance is the last word Sign the confession and bow to the demon again [Ms. C:] Bleed hysteria Praise Deliria We hunt Nothing is sacred to us Who will save you when your name comes up? Bleed hysteria Praise Deliria Kneel or burn Stride la vampa (The crackling flame hisses) Giunge la vittima (The victim arrives) Necrovestita (Clad in black) Discinta e scalza (Half dressed, barefoot) Grido feroce (A ferocious cry) Di mortir levasi (Of death arises) [Arthur, Trey, Ms. C:] Leave no stone unturned With the failing light Build the fire high Roasting strange fruit Torches burning bright Fire leads the inquisition Through the forest With the fallen one We will take no names We play God tonight On a witch hunt Leave your mercy behind