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Got Mo $ Than Bingo (Chingo Bling)

Hot In Here, Huh (Check It Swishhouse) Uhh Aqui Mero Culeros Its your boy Chingo Bling De Los Traileros The Numba One Freestylero One more time Mero Mes Part Two's I hope your readys I hope your readys I hope your readys Dont you know that thats Chingo He got mo' moneys then Bingos Broke with chopped and screwed and my car is on thangs I got the big rocks that will make you go blind When i freestyle all them boys pressurain Im underground Fuck 98-5 It's Chingo Bling and you know i dont stops Im rollin in my regal and my trunk is on pops My belts and boots is alligators and ostriches Chingo Bling turn player haters hostages Talk so much people think im Chinese(twang twong twang) The diamonds in my ears gave my ass a brain freeze(ouww) Your girl show me her cochiflas Cause i sagged my pants like cantiflas For instance Your girl she called me long distance All the way to mexico, man shes precistance When she met me i was rollin in a donkey Two days later she was giving me the monkey You know her chango I left IT real guango I hit a branco In my homeboys branco Intill this day, Im still her Sancho She use to beg me to just make her mango But i got azco Instead she gave me casCo I hit it on the pizo Gave your girl the chorizo Go up out the shower and she cooked me a gizo The more leather story its you just a little weasle When you see me swangin pain Just chunka la duece If you see my piece of chain They say apaga la luz Apaga la luz (ouch) Just apaga la luz Chingo Bling's Chinese, just chunka la duce (just apaga la luz) Chingo Bling the freestyle king(apaga la luz, apaga la luz) And im dones (and im dones) Los Mero Mes Part Two's, Biatch I said to my sister, Biatch Too much diamonds(Biatch), too many viejas, too much ice's(Biatchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) Stop bootleggin my chit culeros Holdd hollda hold on Esperate chile, esperate chile You know what, cut the beat This is Chingo Bling I need to talk to you little jealous haters You little putos, okay You little haters and jealous cause i got more platinum and diamonds In my grill than you, okay Cause i got more moneys, okay Thats why they call me Don Fransisco I got all the moneys They say "Chingo, how much for a verse, i want you on my cd" You know what, stop Too much, 12 thousand 4 hundred and 55 thousand U.S. dollars Not pesos pendejo