I'm A Little Bit Country (South Park)

I`m a little bit country Well, I`m a little bit rock-n-roll, yeah! I`m a little for supportin` our troops And I`m a little for bringin` them home! I believe freedom isn`t free No, but war shouldn`t be our goal We must defend our country! If it means war then we say: No! Did you forget them towers in New York? Did you forget how it made you feel to see them towers come down? Were you like me did you think it weren`t real? I like to rock, but I don`t wanna rock Iraq! The only kind of rockin` that America should do is the kind then we can all dance to, yeah! We got GPS, ICBMs and good old-fashioned lead We`re gonna show Saddam what America means that son of a bitch will be dead Why are we fightin` this war? There`s a man in the office we didn`t vote for They didn`t give me a choice, war is not my voice! Yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!