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Run The Business (Ward 21)

VS1. what , so now yuh scurred? chop yuh wid pattern and styles yuh never heard, listen my word I know yuh scurred, informer so chirppy like a bird mi study 'gunmanship'inna college, yeah, so call me nerd but first, second and third nuh mean nuttn', a number one, is still prefered 'ally-buttn' go change yuh plan, I see you scurred give thanks to father God fi every decision weh spare yuh life so praise the 'Lorrrd' you turd, I see you acting bad in your suburb gwaan follow yuh fren dem yeah, lyrics will smoke you like a herb you nerd, get pon mi nerves, face to the curb who tell yuh fi diss badman yuh goodly get yuh self murd... yuh scurred? So tell me why yuh acting so obsured yuh scurred? yuh know yuh head will fly weh like a bird a many many times me did warn dem already but dem never heard so now we drop the nouns and use the verbs. CHO. x2 VS2. Lyrics a cut yuh life like when movie a cut fi intermission get order from the judge, me see dem a walk wid a next petition dem waa fi stop boy like we, that more impossible than the mission nuh trophy nuh deh ya fi win, this aint nuh flippin' competition go link mi nigga TJ him have the gal dem up a Aylesham then mi go mek a circle roun' a Sherlock and go hail Cham stop a Fire, gather the tune dem, lyrics ago nail one mi rather fi try and fail than never try and end up pail- CHO. x2