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Bird's Eye View (Zion I)

I got a bird's eye view Hip hop, there's so many things you can say about it, you feel me? Like, on the real like, hip hop is just, beautiful Hip hop is life From the first time I saw you, infatuation Pulled to the side to provide conversation Wild reputation but you were so cool Any old fool knew that you was a jewel Ghetto to ghetto, your influence settled More hardcore than r&b but not metal Blacker than the kettle, you made me feel mellow Introduction to my life, I said "hello" Meet me in a minute 'cause I gotta finish school Some of my homies, they never finished puffin' woo's Stayin' up late, always studying the tapes The world watched you fall in love, I guess fate had a, Grip on my mind state, I wanna rhyme, wait I fell in line, getting signed at the wrong gates And so my heart braced at first for real But I would still be lovin' you 'cause deep is what I feel I got a bird's eye view I be wit'chu, I be there wit'chu I be wit'chu, I be there wit'chu She's the one I always count on, one that wouldn't leave me One that's in the city always written in graffiti One that keeps me company, when I'm all alone She's my heart, my mind, my spirit and my bones She's the only one I know that would go across the globe Meet me in a foreign land, treat me like I'm home Everything I own, give to her, she deserves it Treats me like a king, every syllable is perfect Searched through the earth for a reason just to be here And since I met her every moment's like a leap year Baby you can sleep here, you can stay with me Anywhere you go, know I'm probably gon' be Full of energy, and you never acting tired You're everything I need, when I prayed, God supplied You my chonky fire, blessings you provide Always in my life 'til the day that I die