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Boom Bip (Zion I)

Number one draft pick Metaphysic flow spit up Sip my own licks as strong like pop liquor Drink from my flask, kick back till it hit ya Hick up, excused we sipping Jah brew Got me so high, hardly know what to do Been waiting y'all, glad you finally came true Celebration of yaself, family and friends too Crew, who? Said it's taboo, for me to show my feelings Don't you know I'm loving you? Capiche, released stress at the doormat Fresh with the raw rap collapse in your format Backspin again, Jah 'll wade your waistline (???) Why hate and waste time, bounce with the bass line Follow, to sunsets and tomorrow, why rappers don't never Understand their role models, sick with the bottle Let it get hollow, medic, get sweaty by the spit (of )my motto Holler back, I've died cold and you got the 'nac I'm asking all of my people, where ya loving at? [Chorus: Goapele] So don't fight the feeling When we got it right here We ain't going nowhere Open your mind When we got it right here We ain't going nowhere I shot the tribe: death, Judah Twelve when I delve Deep into your mind Praise Jah know yaself Wealth is at state in A mental debate It's all in the fate Plant seeds then you wait Be patient, backwards ??? is found When the ancient are the living , stay down Kings sport ya crown, queens sport ya crown Jah brings light, now the cipher goes round We build, chill, party, act ill Then we back to the lab for some more battle drills Skills that's for real, fellness is kill, houseless is lost In the blizzards of their mills, still I arise My a ancestors let my soul catch fire And serve as a beacon, for lost soulseeking A candle per say like in a dark day We reaching sky high, help me get by Sometimes I need a boost, so I touch the lye Don't fight the feeling, when I write Revealing I'm a light the mic, with hype Might you fiending for Cold Cold copper Skinny, rap 's in it proper Drop funk like a sock in ya gym locker Pop collars, I rock impala's Meet me at the beach, money rain dollars Rhyme scholars, the green and the MP I plan to be out like Marcus Garvey See D-awn, trip on ya sizzle, cocaine and pistols Boy that's a issue or two, you can 't see thru the lies Control the mind, lord knows I'm trying Resign, flip manuscripts It's amp live with the beat And boom tick