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Mind Blow (Zion I)

I'll take a runaway train from the reigns of shame And focus things so my head don't hear my brain It's how I'm seeing - keeping it even with balanced breathin When the Zion train come it's the last one leavin I'll be long gone, when I'm finally home Just relaxing from the action in the danger zone It's my rest bit, catching my breath before I exit Return to the Earth, be on some next shit, bless this! One time, maintain shine, chains can't bind, free your mind! Lemme holla, lemme holla, lemme holla, lemme holla Aiyyo one time, maintain shine, chains can't bind, free your mind! Lemme holla, lemme holla, lemme holla, lemme holla Scolding sill, mellow ice grill, people keep on telling me to chill But I know it only poetry can feel With emotions that I mostly need to heal It's all part feeling, strong whip black children March through the streets with a million Dealing with injurious, just us against us We must bust back until they vanquished Attack, pull over fool this is a jack Now gimme back the fad and my bamma weed sack My culture, every day I'm getting closer Living it up like I'm supposed ta Who the king ruling this? (Jah!!) Jah the light'll never miss ya One of these days I'm gonna kiss ya Touch you with my lips against the cheek Gonna hit ya, so every day I'm reading scripture One day! Holla (holla!) holla (holla!) Let's get steady the beat get 'eavy When this hit you better get ready Barricade your brain the fallout to deadly Runaway for the 'ad the Serengeti The good that you speak no speak of the smelly Stink like meat gone bad brother tell me Why you never want to call Jah from the celly? Why you wanna never call Jah from the celly yo? Maybe gold, when I unload, make an ego explode uh They be gone soon's I enter in the do' uh We be venting unrelenting too cold uh Fuck a white collar, sucker can't do me nada Been in a lotta situations made it hotter Homie but we gotta live it gotta follow Give it then I get it, spit it make it proper It's alright, plus my mic sound nice Flip it, be specific, them yell dice We fly on a gamble, try learn to handle Ways that the days of life fade to candle And flicker, sicker, black when the cut back 'Fore we lose track of where we at...