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One (Zion I)

Planet Earth.. Are you there..? Are you listening? Are you prepared? I see mothership connection Deeper into spritual realms in a dimension Leavin some battalion, descending from Orion Travel 'til gone, hear the bust then go To the next level brought by bass and treble dig with your shovel Like a fossil find me subterranean, hard like a pebble In a microscope he's still dope, coat me with your resin Analyze, suprise! secret weapon's always hidden I'm fittin' to decompress, yes Ride to the sur--face, think your best is good I'm blowin' heat up off my chest Don't need no bulletproof vest, drop the tec I'm selectin' my infinite power claim and reign through intellect Fly on a jumbo jet to tibet, meet my queen in between All about livin' dreams in a tropical scene Doin' my pimp walk leanin' to the side The sky is so wide, I'm feelin' alright, let it ride Yo we travel through radio waves, roll and misbehave We won't stop until we get done I sit and meditate, let vision's formulate like the Nazarite Sampson We pray and generate power while cowards get devoured You bakin' deep in my dark sun Dicin'... ice is the nicest type or size of the knife is, sights like Samurai souls: Man what the price of your life is?! I rock for father lifers Cat's wit gats, deadly snipers Little children ridin' they bicycles Guerrilla fightas to the rhyme writers Raft Riders, and math reciters Cat's holdin' skunk deep off in the blunt wit gingivitis Ignite yo lighter we takin' you higher, fire yo flame We won't retire no higher than I'd be a liar We walk a live wire baggy... a tiger passin' out flyer(s) tryin' to get you to come to the gig Just to admire the rhyme-icidal: it's vital, ill-percussion is bustin' K-G up on the AHH, 1-2, get busy cousin' with the.. While we buggin' and zonin' until Six in the mornin we will Rock and shock elevate non-stop, yo Interplanetary vocabulary, peep hypothetical Notions in an ocean, I'm coastin' on every decible Amp though, stay low, beneath your radar sensory Prepositional phrases can jump me to infinity I spin eternally, non-phsyically: invisibly True reality is one that naked eye cannot see In this galaxy I'm pluto, tiny but I'm rude though Flippin' you up on your back, I attack like Judo *Whaaooo* Break it down to the atom my long division is vision of precision of my triple fly blast A decision that the lord maketh Taketh away and ?? the will So I chill, crack my seventh seal, thankin' you forreal Cuz you feel "we" with purpose Shinin' in a light We proceed to ignite the mic to shine bright, yo