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Silly Puddy (Zion I)

Lord gimme what I need gimme what I need. Gimme what I need gimme what I need. Lord gimme what I need gimme what I need. Dear Lord you show me the best of times You show me the worst of times Confusion all over my mind but still I keep bustin' rhymes And I fight for what I want, but I die for what I need And I watch my people bleed while vultures steady feed We proceed with the mic bless Fashioned in your likeness More deadlier than vipers Lyric spirit snipers Ignite us We'll be candles in the dark Solid like Noah's Ark I was destined for this part In the scheme of thangs We kings and queens eatin' chicken wings But greasy finger tips can't hold the cepters so it slips Now who's equip to come up on a grip Abraver with Fraiser Lee I wait for the response And I'm locked and loaded missiles ready set to launch Eliminated comp-atition they gettin' bombed in the trunk Cause we keep 'em chunk in the trunk They gettin' bumped in the trunk What can I learn from living life? What can you learn from what I write? I study till my lungs are bloody to him I'm just some Silly Puddy Who created me to play with, she to lay with, us to bust So I spend my day programming what...sounds? Cosmo bound to rap into the break of dawn so they can hear and know it's on If the flow is strong I'm smart If you're stupid it's not art Marks are made so many ways You can spin the tires, blaze a sack for everybody dazed A chapter is what you're after Zion I: Gimmie what I need gimmie what I need Grouch: To help them trace my tracks Zion I: Lord Gimmie what I need gimmie what I need Grouch: To stand and face the facts Zion I: Lord Gimmie what I need gimmie what I need Grouch:To lead them not astray Zion I: Gimmie what I need gimmie what I need Grouch: To say what I got to say Now you can faze me with your laughter your smiles or your pain I feel your trials when I'm down and out or winning at the game No one to claim Creator yet the masses are perplexed Cause by life we're so impressed, we all wish we had a next And that's no matter how much I complain Really couldn't place no blame I'll just refrain try stayin' sane and hope you watch your aim I scope and got the flame To make and knock and sock the same Got to use the brain So I can lose the chain See Grouch you my guru leader So I don't need to pack no heater Like syrup you make this sweeter This ballad is beemer teeter I'm tryin' to find myself Look at reflections of everyone else Some of y'all might find that funny but do not know your wealth You make the world turn You make the fire burn You make the wind breeze The sinner fall to his knees Now that's some powerful And I speak my words truthfully As far as I know Yo we all got some of God's beauty Let me crack my seventh seal don't rush Microphone's gotta get crush I thrush with the force of a rocket booster This ain't what you're use to Now we gonna fly high singin this song la la la If you don't believe in yourself you best to try Ain't nobody said this life is easy Everything a test Is you gonna do your best? Hide in the cone of flesh? You got to stay fresh Cause if you stop you stagnated Stale thoughts of lack will put you in a jail Believe I can and I will Set these rhymes to sail But will what I really feel pay the bill shit is ill I stare off in the distance Rhymin' with persistence Cause rhymin' is a mission Will anybody listen? Now if you put me through any time of need I'm sure I'll call for help indeed Daily I stay silent, thinking thoughts at lightening speed Heightened by the feedback and forth reciprocation Situation rather unexplained I maintain relations In lay men's it's a vibe I felt Déja vu inside myself I speak it verbally Made sure all them fools have heard of me Believe I'm well connected Not a prophet who's been resurrected Trust and I expect it When I bust it's higher effects to match your spects Of my blue prints and the true sense of these words God he lives within, all of this he's heard Every word (every word)