Dreamy Days (Roots Manuva)

(Chorus) Dah dah dah dah dah Dreamy days, come what may, we feel no way There's gonna be fun and lots of laughter (Chorus: repeat 2X) I'm just a long foot barely talk I might take off my shoes, won't take off my socks tonight Take a little peep under that frock tonight But there be no body pop pop tonight You know my style I keep it on a holy outta body mind blown We in some zone So how deep can we sow those seeds And proceed to buck the limit? Spinnin' in a whirlpool, essential peak Messin' around with all those chemical rushes When natural highs come a whole lot cheaper Sweet to Geha got me singin' baby baby babe I got the sudden urge to miss behave I want to take you away from all the stresses Buy you nice flowers and expensive dresses You don't believe me, you think I'm cheesy (Chorus: repeat 2X) I want to feel ya, I want to know ya, I want to hold ya But at the same time situations are complex 'Cause you got particulars, I got particulars Old circles are sick of us 'Cause we're walkin' down a primrose row To everything and nothing So can you picture past the honeymoon Where you beat me with a wooden spoon And you got me sleepin' on the couch Now I'm thinkin' who's house is this? This is my money, this is my pain, these are my drugs This is my brain, and it's never gonna be the same (Chorus: repeat 2X) I'm a one man power house succeding within the scene Son of the sir(e) livin' the love livin' the dream Whipper snappers get jealous it's true they don't know 'Bout my x amount of heart break years of low dough We professional we dealin' with business Revolution creep up slap you on the nose bridge Touches in the back room gettin' the dutch And these women in my black book they all quite posh Still I wash my own brief wash my own socks Some cocks y'all the horny bastards greasy poles Square peg in a round hole too much show now Some say I'm arrogant some say I'm laid back From a council flat payin' higher rate tax Who's the that who's the geez must be me - Manuva MC With a second LP for all the girls I got the vitality It's my