Strange Behaviour (Roots Manuva)

I can't quite remember the month nor date Nothing was gwan and I was jammin round my gate Started fiending for a Jack& but had no cash I had no choice to piggy-bank or trash It was me and my bold self with five bags of coppers Splashed out on the counter at PJ Patel's He's far from happy with my method of pay I shrug my shoulders, I'm like what can you say? It's money, ain't it? I ain't begging you jack And mood I'm in, I might just give you a slap I grip my Jack&s and I leave in peace As I stepped through the door he heard the kiss of my teeth Minding my own business, rolling down the street I swear I heard a female voice call my name I stopped for a second ­ loud as Charmaine Some sis I used to park with from way back when We weren't on no bone-tip, just real good friends We on some hug-up and kiss, boy she looking neat Head-to-toe in new gowns and two new gold teeth I said 'What you want?' and she says 'This and that' 'Well, come around my yard and let's crack this six-pack' Back at my yard we heavy-chilling, killing time Exchanging views and getting thoughts off the mind For three whole hours everything was cool Around quarter to twelve they took the strangest twist I'm looking in her face, I swear it looks off She's sweating like she dipping in some horse's trough Then she flips out, screaming 'quick, I hit a last Trying to kick this brown but it's busting my arse' Seems like the planet gone mad What you staring in my face for? I told you dudes, I can't save ya What the frigg is with this strange behaviour? Strange behaviour.. Charmaine the headstrong. proud miss missy Fell for the local fluff dealer, she were living the high life Sitting in the luxury's lap Little did she know she were braving a trap Cause the thug that she loved was a two-bit thug The notes that she speed with were dripping blood She were mesmerized by the rude boy charm Two years had passed, she thought she's safe from harm But the past has strange way of rearing its head Just when she think it were dusted and dead It's like petrol bombs come flying through the window Cause there's a ten grand price on his life Ready to be cashed when his heartbeat ceases All that he tried, he can't get no peace Cause he's running from the beast, running from the crims After all's said and done it's the beast that wins Whyilin on borrowed time, soon to get nabbed Two keys of fluff that he just did grab When her man got nicked, Lord knows she couldn't cope Started hitting the bottle, started tying the rope Now she's trapped in the chains of the oldest trade Flashing her vag' in my face and I'm far from keen I don't want got business with no drugsman's queen Nahmean? What the frigg is with this strange behaviour?