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Waynes Takeover (Mannie Fresh)

Shh...Sajavascript:%20T_save(2);y Fabe...Say Fabe Look, Fresh done went to the bathroom This your boy Weezy baby Ya already know He ain't want me rappin on his album Cause I be talkin bout that gun slangin, that murderin Them bitches, bitches havin kids, bitches fuckin bitches Bitches fuckin other bitches' bitches and the other bitch getting mad and stab that bitch in the club and he gotta drag that bitch out Look, he ain't want none on that on his album He wanna write about lovin and huggin people And Hey lady you look so fine And I know what I'm saying I ain't trying to downgrade nobody, nah nuttin like that But this nigga need some spittin on here So I can come on this motherfucker and flame it out So somebody could cut this motherfucker on He comin?, Cut my shit on Yeah uhh..Yeah uhh Weezy F-Baby Fresh, uhh tell him call me when its gangsta Yeah, Birdman Jr Fresh yeah, call me when its gangsta man Yeah I'm on fire, Shorty so raw I just may be Columbian so I'm higher Washed up niggaz, I will tumble ya, double-dry ya I bubble gum and spit jumbalya I'm fresh up out the kitchen with that Richard Pryor Yeah I keep your stomach rumble quiet Holla, Prior to me getting money, I was gettin money See, everytime I hit the pen, I bungee like a spungee I ain't playin like Tony Dungy Sayin all ya'll is lunchmeat to the hungry Better watch your pot roast when I'm on me, I'm nothing nice like something like running through blazing pistols with a fucking knife I'm fresh to death, I need a fucking life She say her man wrong, so she gonna suck me right I'm like fucking right, I got my two-shooter, that mean I'm fucking twice Bang Bang was hard Look at our journey But I got here, I made it on the album people It's Weezy Thank you Fresh Look, Wayne I told you brah No merkin, No murderin No bitches stabbin bitches No bulletwounds None of that kinda shit No fuckin body with over 12 tattoos and all that shit on this motherfuckin album This is some beautiful wholesome loving kind type stuff If you can't go by them rules, get the fuck on dude Now Fabe, play something beautiful for the ladies