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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Seaside Randezvous (Close Harmony Friends)

Seaside whenever You stroll along with me (He`s merely contemplanting what You feel inside) Mean while I ask You to be my clementine You say You will if you could but you can`t I love You madly let my imagination run away (with you gladly) A brand new angle highly commendable seaside randezvous Feel so romantic can we do it again can we do it again sometime Like that fantastic c`est la vie mas dames et messiers And at the peak of the season the Mediterranean this time of year I feel like dancing in the rain can I have a volunteer? Just keep right on dacing (what a damn jolly good idea) It`s such a jollification as a mater of fact Untherneath the moonlight together we’ll sail across the sea Reminiscing every night moonlight I ask you to be my Valetine You say you`d have to tell your daddy if you can, I`ll be your Valetino We`ll ride upon an omnibus and then the casino Get a new facial start a sensational seaside rendezvous so adorable seaside rendezvous oh, oooh seaside rendezvous