Smoke (Mulvey Peter)

Sometimes I feel like the man I think you think I am These days I am mourning the loss Of a dream that I don't understand Time is a lens I see you now Your hair blown by winds from afar Sometimes don't you feel like the woman You think I think you are It's just smoke But it's in flesh in blood we deal And you can't go your whole life denying the things you feel I held you up like an angel Sewn you down on my life I tell no one else you could compare To the myth who should have been my wife And now I'm trying to shake you Alone beneath this roof But you stay like a mark on my breast Though I burn every shred of proof It's just smoke But it's in flesh in blood now we live Maybe those sweet kisses were never really ours to give I've been wrestling with the moon and her tides The curve of her breast Her hair falls like rain The laugh the sigh the smile now These things aching me like a lost memory gained and I have seen what I have seen in this lifetime Just dreaming you looked over my shoulder I'm older now Maybe we can let this shit Let it smolder I need smoke Cause it's in flesh in blood now I stand I won't be haunted any longer by the dreams I do not understand