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Aero (Jarre Jean Michel)

Five... four... three... two... one... zero! Good evening. I had a dream a few years ago. It was to play some music in a windmill park and Denmark is the home for windmills, and I wanted to share this show with you all. Have good evening. A long time ago, a long time ago... a crazy knight, a crazy knight in Spain called Don Quixote was fighting windmills because he thought they were giant enemies. These ones, around us, coloured ones, are giants too but they are rather friendly. Wind and music have something in common: they are both invisible. And sometimes, by only moving your hands, in the wind, you can create sounds... sounds... you can create sounds. We need wind to carry our angels sometimes, we need wind to dry our tears, we need wind to float our flags, we need wind to wipe our fears... our fears... and we need wind, sometimes also, to carry the music. Under the rain, it's about time that I introduce you my partner in crime... Francis Rimbert. Also this evening, we have the pleasure to be joined on stage by some members of the Aalborg symphonic orchestra fighting against the rain at the moment and later on by some choir. And now, please welcome on stage my new Danish friends Morten and Uffe more known in Denmark and everywhere as Safri Duo. I would like, eh... well.. I'd... yes. I would like to dedicate this last number to Denmark, to you. And to... thank you... and to the unique Danish spirit of "hyggeligt".