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Geometry of Love (Jarre Jean Michel)

Flowers of sound, inner flowers... Blossoming from mystery, their beauty enhanced over time, opening onto space. Elegance, intoxication and intimate warmth. Infinite streams flowing in a meadow of love and sensuality. Immaterial electronic fragances, plunging us into new inner worlds of diffuse light, timeless in aspect, but in fact simply in tune with our times, delicate and sensual. Like those places that provide music with a snug or stricter (but always refined) comfort. This Geometry of Love urges us to savour the charms of vitality, an introductory access to a magical, fabulous biotope. Bathed in the colours of a woman: an untamed, exquisite woman, burning with a dazzling, impassioned flame, disclosing a red, vital, delicate inner tempo. This album's mystery immoderately expresses the mirror of our desires. An incisive, naked gaze that plunges us into a new shameless giddiness of the senses. For this album is a gaze, penetrating our inner worlds as it surrenders to the most improbable combinations. The reflection of an era when anything seems possible and our soul is in search of an identity. In a mix of delights. Being oneself, being with, being in the electronic universe, our new magic, a constantly revitalised, fragile wonder. Limitless, free of taboos. An osmosis of acoustic accents mingled with electro, tracing our points of contact, points of no return, life lines and geometrical figures of love.