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Everlasting Love (Burrell Kim)

Don't you want To live forever Don't you want to shout Forever Wouldn't you like to Sing forever Yes I want to live forever For God so loved the world That he gave his only Begotten son That whosoever believes In him Shall never perish But have everlasting life Believe on me as the Scripture has said For in theat great day all Saints will rise up from The dead All who have confessed Me as their Lord Will receive their just Reward This is the promise that God has given to us From the beginning But in order to receive it There's no time for Slipping Ever Everlasting life Gotta have it Everlasting life Everlasting, gotta have it Gotta have everlasting life I'm going there, I'm going there Everyday'll be sunshine Howdy, howdy, howdy Never goodbye Gonna see my mother, Gonna see my father Can't wait to get over There gonna see the man that died For me Howdy howdy Never goodbye No more crying No more dying Sun never going down Everyday'll be Sunday I want ever Everlasting life I want everlasting life I want everlasting life I want everlasting life Everlastng life I want everlasting life want everlasting life I want everlasting life Forever and ever Can't wait to see His face I want everlasting Gotta get my reward I gotta walk the streets Of gold prepared for me I want my mansion yes I I gotta see my Jesus, yes I'm on my way home Won't you come and go with Me to a better place Prepared for all of us who Have a relationship with God above I want everlasting life I want everlasting life