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Eternal Guilt (Enemy Logic)

What the fuck did I do? Can never undo the past. Just look through my eyes They never follow the light. What the fuck did I do? Cant stop the pain that will eat through you. I throw it back in your face The hate inside that will lead me to you. Down your guard and role theres nothing to feel And now Im going to take you there. Renounce your faith and futile ways. If you escape this youll never succeed. Raise the hate and tear through the weak. You will evolve and transcend this mess. If you dont concur I will be forced To make your choice, an open grave. Your most venomous ways, they resist what you pray. I cant feel you, I cant feel your pulse. Blaze through the masses and spare no one. Youre no longer like any of them. Dont act like you care I know you now. I know youre as lost as me, my soul is yours. Cut away the pain and feel the grief. They know youre the leader of a final stand. Dont make me have to hurt you friend. Even though were now one, Ill rip you out. Unlock the truth. Realize the lies. End it all.