The Light (Reema Major)

Excuse me mister why you rocking them Jesus pieces But do nunin that Jesus teach us , huh ? See the boy told me that he practices Islam But I caught him in the caf on Ramadan ... feasting Aint it a shame you claim a name But do nothing that it represents worshiping materials Like they heaven sent And then we sin and refuse to repent And and again the same shit beginning to end But every Sunday you's a Christian When Monday comes and the real life sinks in … You're back to the same person ya was old habits we does When we in trouble's we call the Person above I know I am not perfect I'm really sorry God I cuss a lot when I speak there's zero gospel on my iPod I need Your guidance show me right from wrong Cause I ain’t memorizing scriptures but I'm memorizing songs Wit a catchy rhythm catchy words catchy hooks They aint tryna hear You speak if you ain’t coming with the looks They say sex sells would be better if an erect sells Fuck the m-e-d-i-a . Tell me what does that spell ... Thanks to feel