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Calm After the Storm (The Common Linnets)

capo I G 1. Driving in a fast lane Em Counting mile marker signs C The empty seat beside me G Keeps you on my mind G Living in a heartache Em Was never something I pursued C I can't keep on chasing G What I can be for you G Em R: Ooooh skies are black and blue C Thinking about you G Here in the calm after the storm 2. Tears on a highway Water in my eyes This rain ain't gonna change us So what's the use to cry I can say I'm sorry But I don't wanna lie I just wanna know if staying Is better than goodbye R: + G Em Ooooh after all that we've been through C There ain't nothin' new G Here in the calm after the storm G Em C G G Maybe I can find you Em Down this broken line C Maybe you can find me G I guess we'll know in time R: + C There ain't nothin new G Here in the calm after the storm