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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Beachfront Avenue (Fight Fair)

Leaving won't be easy, Just keep these words in mind It's goodbye for now But my heart will always stay Maybe you think it's crazy That I'm taking off this time Tell me just what you're thinking, When you lie and say your fine I know it's not the same When we are apart Never say this is the end Because it's only the start I never was the one For those long goodbyes So until we meet again Don't wait, as time goes by We will keep the friendship alive So if you do not hear from me Please don't worry Together forever we'll be Graduation came But the friendship will never end And will we make it big Just like we said, When we were freshman? Now this is growing up And we can't slow down Can't you see I'm moving on By getting out of this town? I won't be the one Who never said goodbye So until we meet again BEACH FRONT AVENUE IT WAS JUST ME AND YOU THIS ISN'T THE END SO UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN I never told you How much you mean to me You must stay strong When I'm gone So as seasons pass on, You must stay strong