Maniacal Contempt Spawned From Agonizing Depravity (Insidious Decrepancy)

Insanity Weaving its web in my mind Depravity Tears me apart from inside Contaminate Hopelessness spreads like a plague Eliminate All that shall stand in my way Gutting the child before me Proves that my hate is for real Draining its blood on my body Soothes the contempt that I feel Throw the infant in the fire Watch it violently convulse Stimulating my desire Feasting on the charred remains Maniacal contempts spawned from agonizing depravity Infant is gone all of it devoured Still not at peace must kill again Stop the pain in my mind never ending Pitiful whore mutilate drain her blood Trickling down bathing in red Butchered bitch lying there Now I must feed At peace again But not for long Burning inside Tearing my soul Spawned from years of dejection Comes this need to desecrate Never will I be at peace Depravity consumes me