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30 Years In The Bathroom (The Wonder Stuff)

My lavatory has been my sanctuary And it's easy for you to laugh at me 'Cause I been 30 good years in the bathroom, baby Rub-a-dub-dub one man in a tub and it's me Always me And now the time has come to share the joke That the latch on the bathroom door is broke And now it's time to let you know That it's only the beat of my heart that is slow Who's fault is this? I deny that it's mine I been stuck in here since 1959 That's 30 good years in the bathroom baby But it's okay, yeah it's okay 'Cause when they come to take me away I will be clean, I will be clean Well I been 30 years in a bad mood, baby But it's okay, yeah it's okay ''cause that's better Than 30 years on the back seat of a car Oh beat me with the pumice stone Eight to the bar