Searching (Sheb Wooley)

(Uh huh searching I'm a searching) Once I was troubled restless and weary And my days seemed so blue Then I wandered into the woodlands I was searching Lord for you There the little birds (searching Lord) All were singing (I'm a searching) And their sweet songs (searching Lord) Thrilled me anew (for you) All the trees (searching Lord) and flowers Were budding (I'm a searching for you) Searching Lord for you Then I felt something far greater than me and my old blues I raised my head to the heavens and I knew the way to choose Then as I walked (searching Lord) Away from my troubles (I'm a searching) With a breeze (searching Lord) Caressing my cheek (for You) I forgot (searching Lord) my woes And my worries (I'm a searching for You) I found the truth I seek Yes I felt something far greater... Then as I walked (searching Lord)... I found the truth I seek