Her Ghost (Brion Jon)

Her ghost is six or so feet tall And the lights in the house are dim His voice still echoes through the hall She can't get away from him I clear the couch off and I sit She hangs up the phone and then She says she can't believe he quit But I know he'll be back again Every hour on the hour He will reappear and make it clear that he's around It's not your average social call He does it all without a sound Her ghost is propped up in the hall He speaks no evil there He doesn't notice me at all I find it a bit unfair I'm bathed in shadow from that wall I know he'll be in the air Every hour on the hour She'll watch her apparition stare her down, but pass her by And I've no ammunition I'm the one who's being exorcised Every hour on the hour Every moment all my power And every where I turn I tend to learn that she's got Memories that never burn And this is of concern and I prepare to go 'Cause this I know that Though he's out of sight He's in her mind and in my hair I'm tiring of this fight Besides it's getting me nowhere Her ghost makes all of this occur He does it breathlessly So long as he's the life in her He'll be the death of me