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This Time Around (Iyeoka)

If the only sun shining for me now Is over a mountain or around a hill If all I ever needed in this lifetime of unfamiliar Was freedom from a wishing well If we could ride a storm for a thousand years Hands picking cotton till we all remembered how to heal No matter what the song says, no matter what the soul says This time around we're gonna know exactly why we came here This time around the days are changing like never before This time around all the world may never know What happens if we stop dreaming He remembers stepping out the front door into a storm of rain She remembers feeling empty chasing old memories of better days As simple as the air we breathe coming in a little cleaner Take a moment to sing for love to bring on a new season for this change This time around (Gonna watch the sun rise) The days are changing (Take a moment to sing for love) Like never before Move your soul to let more love in Find the door is finally open See the dawn of a new day breaking This time around Take a moment to sing for love