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Anyway (moving On) (Even Rude)

Anyway, anyway...moving on Anyway, anyway...been too long I only need when there's something wrong So anyway, anyway...moving on I would have called you, but there's nothing left to say I know you saw me, but you kept walking the other way So we both hate me, I'm just memories in your hair. You can forget me, but I left my mark while I was there I've been so angry, on my own and in the red I'm feeling better, so I'm putting this agony to bed. I shouldn't be here, we look the same but I don't fit. I envy that baby, who died instead of live with your shit. You never call me. I guess you have all that you need. Second hand information is building you whole new me. I hold grudges, like everyone you mock when they tried A full grown child, living to be crucified. Have you ever let someone in, Taken the chance to let yourself rely on them. And in the end you thought, "I'm never gonna try again." Cause you thought being fam-i-ly should make you friends. Change my life again, change my life again, change my life again, change my life again cause Something¹s wrong, something¹s wrong, something¹s wrong, something¹s wrong