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Tourette Syndrome (Even Rude)

He's the only honest man in the whole damn room he likes messin with his head-doing acid and shrooms you can't stand to stand around him cause he makes you so mad -FAG when he's really, really high then he isn't 1/2 bad. He smoked the bomb bud since he was 10 doctor say it good medicine everybody hate him for what he say & he so happy it makes me sick I'm checkin' out! I'm checkin' out! He was baggin' on the Nation on the 4th of July making bottle rocket missles -BITCH and readin' high times. he lives in his parents basement and buys bags and hits the government pays so he just smokes and has fits - huhhhh Him pretty certain life is good get to say what he feel and smoke the erb everybody hates him for what he says and he's so happy it makes me sick. I'm checkin' out! I'm checkin' out! No body likes you, everybody hates you, how could you be better off than me?