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Let's Ride (Choclair)

Yes sir When the man wanted to ride, what did he do? Swing down sweet chariot He told that sweet chariot to swing on down And stop, you know what I'm sayin' So he could get on Now this is what we do We playin' we playin' the role of that sweet chariot And we swingin' down to pick you up Know what Iim sayin'? Ridin', for real Now, it's like, you want to ride with me You don't even know what ride is, look If you want to get clean, you want to get dirty You want to go left, right This what we do Well it's the Nocka, The Chiz Rocker Party while I'm wine drinkin' My rhymes will bust a hole right through your thinker Forget your strategies when you battle International record sales People try, but they fail It's the Chizzo, or the Choco Surround my street like a blocko Before the shots ring out People never seen or even heard But we ran through your HQ's Like a pack of germs, people swerve from the gamer Suave player, I'm all black like the Raiders You wonder how I did it, album anticipated Well it's the ninth inning With two outs I hit a home run to left field like Carter did to Philly Do you understand me? Ha, really? No MacGyver tactics can stop my theatrics I'm making ladies back flip Understand it's all about the sexual heating up your set like it's tropical Stop it, my UV's will burn your skin, singe your optics Twenty One years was ground work People hear me coming, so haters got mad work But understand it's all about the suave, diggy-dog Just ride If you feelin' my vibe then we can all just (Ride) If you want to get down then we can all just (Ride) All my people throw your hands up high and just (Ride) Where you from? Eastside to Westside just (Ride) All my people from uptown to downtown just (Ride) From Cali to NY, you know we gon' just (Ride) From the Florida Keys to BP just (Ride) All my people worldwide, how you feel, just (Ride) You see, I flow like an 850, the turbo Down the lake shore with po-po chasing Then you be wastin' your time (Swing down sweet chariot, stop) If you try to check for flaws 'Cause if you bet against Chizz-nocks Count your loss See I don't care what you think or say What you do, I got a crew that run up in your HQ Dissed by who, six foot one, sleepy eyed Dark skinned glasses reflecting from the sun, nigga Check that poster, I lay your girl down like a coaster Drop my glass, slap that ass Don't care about a thing See it's all about the way Chocs makes the bells ring People talkin' shit but can't do a damn thing So understand this, it's all about the lyricist No one can rock a beat just like I Borough Side representer, see-H the I-Z Knows how to ride, understand? Just ride All my peoples on lock down, you know we can (Ride) All my peoples on the corner hustlin' just (Ride) All my girls in tight skirts, you know we gon' just (Ride) All my people pushin' fat rides with illy rims just (Ride) If you can feelin' the vibe, then we can all just (Ride) All my dames in sexy belly chains just (Ride) All my people from the T-dot O, just (Ride) All my peoples worldwide, how you feel? just (Ride) See I like the chiquitas light and dark skinned Me, I love Senoritas, that's where my hearts been Now I be chillin' with my boys Paranorm' Having freaks in the living room suckin' it hard See I don't care what you think, nigga Yo, I'm laughing at your bitch-ass So niggas mind you speech when you talk All these people gettin' mad and vexed Sayin' all I talk 'bout sex Make a fuss 'cause they nuts don't bust So understand who I is (who you is) I got an SDS smile, with your girl's got an ass like an E-class I can drive it like a five-speed, stick shift Understand the ill shit that I possess, nothin' less If you stress, you be left blind, so read it up in brail Hard rock's coming but they always come frail Collaboration produced by Kardinal Now if you want to ride, everybody needs to understand Just ride All my Paranormal people, how you feel, just (Ride) All my FOS people how you feel, just (Ride) All my Circle mother fuckers, are you gonna just (Ride) All my peoples on Knee-deep, you know we just (Ride) All my peoples on the hill, how you feel, just (Ride) All my peoples in Hilltop, you know we gon' just (Ride) All my peoples from Rexdale, you know we gon' just (Ride) All my people from the T-dot O just (Ride) Swing down sweet chariot, stop Swing down sweet chariot, stop Swing down sweet chariot, stop Do you want to get down with this? You can if you like Give me a call For real