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Welcome To Tha Hood (J-Kwon)

I make every mufucker in this bitch do tha wop, it's the new improved hood hop I make every mufucker in this bitch do tha wop, it's the new improved hood hop I ain't tryin to change hip-hop Put money aside and make your hip-hop Not dirty right always flip-flop, DING! More flip cot, dirty pick rocks G.I. just lean on em This bitch her get scared and swing on em Problem too big, put the team on em They still running up, put the beam on em I don't give a damn if you don't like me, I ain't goin do tha right thing, I ain't Spike Lee Cyonide in ya Ice tea (Drink this), choke em while I sex em like Ike T. St Louis ain't ridin, that aint likely, I roll with real fellas that one strike three Snatch ya ass up if strike me, You ain't happy wit that, coward bite me! Now do you got a gun? Welcome to the hood Got a pocket full of crack? Welcome to the hood Lost your money shootin' craps? Welcome to da hood Have you eva been car-jacked? Welcome to da hood Uncle Tars said the Game needs me So I keep the red bling to make the aim easy You put me on gang the baby train weazy An' all he told me dude pimpin ain't easy You used pop big poppa work Now my diamonds big and blue like Papa Smurf (The little guy) Had my homie ride his brothers now his pockets hurt (Lemme get that) Like Jay I did it my way I didn't get it here from freestyle Friday Kwon don't care if and or talk sideways I got worked up and down King's Highway Plus dude bring tha hood to tha rap game Wanna bet, some like a crap game Rings these gangs betta have my exact change B'Fore I run in the boy and clap thangs Third district who I represent In the white city You look like a peppermint Shake your frame It's whats on peppermint Cops can't spray dudes face with peppermint Mad cuz I put the iron on em Heavy starch, Put the whole nine on em Heavy spark, now tha dirt land on em Oops, my bad found out it was layin on em Got a flat, Needa car-jack Betta yet needa strap that's the car-jack Track Boyz where the stars at have you gotten to the track like star cats Now I'd never leave my hood dirty If i fell, then the money leave my hood dirty Even when I get this brick thirty I'mma be in tha hood wit this brick dirty