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Columbia (Troy Ave)

Heavy powder nigga yeah, Hottest nigga coming out my city, yeah, New York Got this pyrex spinning in my kitchen yeah Whippin extras got my necklace holdin frigid air Hell is hot, god is not, you can see it stare Don’t get shot, tryina plot, I will leave you there Doa, me no play and I never will Pussy niggas so delighters but they never kill I’m talking bout kilos, uncut, fish scale, that pedico Got a guatemalan plug with mexico Cartel ties tighter than virgin hoes I ain’t hit Columbia, cause my homie had a cheaper down in Panama Got deported from here went down set up shop Now it’s 35 hunned for a pure block Yeah I got it for the low maine, louder A lot of weight cocaine, louder I rock it under low flame, powder I can make cocaine, yeah