Now You're Gone (Valens Ritchie)

Well now, I'm sitting here alone Wondering what I'll do Whoa, little darlin' Where, where are you? Whoa-oh Well now, I just don't know What I'll do-hoo-hoo Darling, just 'cause I don't have you That's why I'm so-ho-ho blue Whoa, uh-oh Try darlin' You're the only one for me And they'll never be No, no, I'll tire of you Whoa-uh-uh-oh Well now, that I've tried Just wishing and praying for you Well, there is no one No one like you Uh-ooh Now, you're the only one, I love And I'll al-ha-ha-all, always Love you, so Love you, so, uh-uh-ooh-oh Love, ooh love Oh-ho-oh-ooh-ooh But you're gone Ooo-ooo Ooh, now that you're gone.