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Turning The Mind (Maps)

Hey, how ya keeping? I guess it's been a while I heard, You've been sleeping, That always made you smile Why is it I'm so ashamed when we meet? Why is it our conversation just repeats? God knows, This pain just flows and flows I'm so scared, Where my mind will go So tell me, Who's interested to know? 'Cause maybe, This is how the story goes. So, goodnight, I hope to see you soon. Leave by the morning, I've got too much to do. Why is it you beleaguer our lives with your lies? Why is it you can't bleach these thoughts from my eyes? God knows, This pain just flows and flows So scared Where my mind will go Splice them, Voice of radios Poppin' pills from indie shows Follow Mother let me go! This anger freely seeks to grow God knows He's let me crash and burn. I feel like My mind's already turned.