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A-plus (Hieroglyphics)

Yes, yes, yes; yes Ha, ha, ha, ha Aha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha Aha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha Whoa!!! Hoo Hoo!!! Shit, shit Only so much is critical in my relation to the individual I remain hieroglyphical, ripping it for Fans appreciating, flows, not depreciating I'll try not to keep you wanting, but I can peep you hating The situation so degrading, and pitiful So many butt ass tapes out man, so much shit to do I been to you MC's, stead you think you got the room I sock it to 'em Like a flamer getting his ass beat in the locker room for peeking You'll never forget the day I sent you there To intensive care On the respiratory, get some air Breathe deeply Listen to advice, you need beats see Plus skills you missing on the mic It's like something about my rational and analytical lobes To make me gifted with flows That'll get ripped fa' sho On the mic I never act like I was born hard Telling lies for cash or selling my ass like a porn star In Cali, the jealous rally in hundreds We went from signed to independent And they offended cause they ain't done shit (Busters) But we in though, popular like indo, in the "O" Where they throw your weak ass tape straight out the window Cause it's weak as fuck I want my money back Wack ass shit Shit hella butt Hella butt