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Dune Methane (Hieroglyphics)

Rappers sellin out for the money and fame But I just keep on dune methane Dee dee da da dee dee dane I just keep on dune methane They only know colonial ways Anything that my homie okays is all right these days Display recklessness whose tek is this Pointed in the window of ya coupe Lexuses Follow me on my Exo dust My poetics will earn the respect of thus An individual crushing hypocritical nothings Like aluminum cans Put me on the mic and I'm doomin em Operation: MC Intimidation Occupation: rock the place then leave relieved The masta John, large like a mastodon In charge of the class Cas is on Some whole new shit than you bastards on Bitten my old style while smash was gone My infallible flows will swallow you wholes Rappin bout cars and clotes you need to kill it I'm voices in your subconscious, knots in your intestines Crescent moon attack stance if you glance at the mic I'm unlike all types Can't master breakin necks cause they need more gigabytes I hit em twice...iced em, cold like liquid nitrogen They need vitamins and ginseng If you fencing with these you get stabbed in the heart Me, I'm like the Highlander Tapping the soul of my enemies, capturing their energies Disappear from the stage like the vanisher Grabbin the mic and drive a spike right through the center For these niggaz all sequenced up like the spinners I get the crowd high like paint thinners And watch me cruise, crackle and splinter They can't tackle the impenetrable sound Sciences of Hieroglyphics even with assault rifles And silencers, M-16s ain't hitting nothing When we corrupting rappers Togetherness like alpha flight when we write The unmistakable interaction in your ears, outta sight Fightin in a circle, we workin the mic 2 deep Pass that mothaf**ka so I can sink my teeth in Center myself, then I walk through the flames AKA The Mangler, feelin no pain No stranger to the danger room I'm into Meditation, blood coursin through my veins So the thoughts came interlaced with the taste of victory I'm slippery, rippin these niggaz apart From start to finish...and it don't stop (Keep on) Put Toure on the mixer, smooth as an elixir plus The ??? flows of us Get a glorious response you're boring next to John I'm the only individual not capable of having a prime-time Can't capture this rapper from this present day backwoods To the depths of iniquity no one can get with me I used to battle Socrates rockin these same styles Inventor of math and science, holdin my style Showin defiance to the gangsta jargon you barkin Metaphysically sparkin in psyche when mic's in my face ??? to blow up the place A striver, I'm the MacGyver of the black race The unforgettable prestigious speeches Manifested by the northwestern regions