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G.u.o.m.d. (Hieroglyphics)

Yeah, downhill, the cobwebs and the spiders You know what I'm saying (oh please oh please) Mega Blast Mega Blast Mega blast Someone called me a veteran, terrestrial I'm extra In my temple, resemble, nothing that you've seen before I see suckaz stretching, what the fuck you preaching for? Eyes like a eagle, or a hawk when I'm peeking your Skid bitch talk, might get him shot, outlined in chalk Diamonds in a pint box, I'm not the executioner like Roc Raida But cutting on the fader, suckaz bussing at their neighbour I wish we had a saviour, but that sounds like cowardness The power is in all of us, that's why they distorting us I keep a heater in my sleeping quarters like my grandpa does If I hear a tweak crack, I cock shit back, I live in paranoia, plus I smoke Marihuana, and that makes it worse, when I get to put it in my verse. If it sounds like I'm stressing, then you're quite perceptive You'll never evaporate my essence Fuck an accolade from a punk magazine They're all fags and queens Grab machines and start shooting up (prrrrrrrrrrrt) Who's paper stands like bad dreams? I rock baggy jeans, white T's and white tennis shoes I hate doing interviews! Let my record speak, impeccable technique, break bread Get some head from some rich rapper's freak That's an everyday occurrence, while you looking like a tourist You get jacked in LA, ante up in Brownsville The town's still looking for ya, to put 'em on ya Bury you like an Arian in Soprani (?) Carrying big shit, clips for Annie Vigilante, you ain't fit to catch me Oh please, oh please, oh please Just get up off my dick ! (3x) Catch a Mega blast, Mega blast, Mega blast