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See Delight (Hieroglyphics)

I'm about as swift as lightning greased And I'm cold like Sub-Zero feel the deep freeze We the ones that make you feel right You need to open up your eyes and see delight I'm at ease when I'm next to my keys Not the narcotic The Ensoniq ASR-X is my symphonic weapon Stepping to these creations is like attempting to scale the Appalachian Mountains It's damn near impossible Without rigid preparation and lots of pull Delight Profound lyrics spit into mics Irresistible to bite on stage The instrumental incites the freestyle Fake MC's bust written raps Pupils dilatin Agonizing forgetting raps While I'm shining intensely Reflecting off the Hieroglyphic shield For real Reinventing hip hop Open up your eyes and see delight You better open up your eyes and see delight It go, Cancer the crab is my zodiac sign F.L. is the crew, I'ma let my light shine We multi-faceted, feel good pharmacist at this Now listen to the lyricist cease And desist so we can leave em deceased If not stressed till they suicidial I ingest the mic Just a test of sound If I impressed, see delight on my face In the place of mess First Light The recipe for Saucee, serves you right You can ask Martini and Rossi You don't want to grapple with that bullshit I'll pull a rabbit out my hat if I wanted trick Open up your eyes and see delight You better open up your eyes and see delight What are you doing? You're confused like a hermaphrodite Rapping like this one or that one won't get you capped at night Or shanked in the morning sun At the venue If you continue to disregard these warnings Running into some problems Mic to mic, you must resuscitate Life in your mental state Trife when we infiltrate Tonight the light is felt Like encountering an asteroid belt You gets pelted, welted up Face is green like a Celtic or Wimbly stadium Center court No back support You just a gelatin skeleton Lyric like a elephant tranquilizer Impeding your development I'm runnin amuck, dumb fucks And gunning 'em up They awe-struck by the light like deer Game for the hunter, predator Ready to taste blood So blaze up a blunt and pass that shit here Yeah, they need light like photosynthesis Biting sentences Witness to thee inventiveness That you can't resist Painful like a pistol whipping Niggas is tripping they get dissed I mind my business which is this Ripping microphones Scratching suckers off my list With speed A level that you can't exceed I give the people what they want You need to take heed Chorus You know Uhhhh!!! First Light