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Soweto (Hieroglyphics)

One, Two One, One, Two One, One, One, Two One, One, Two One, One, Two One, Two, Three One, Two, Three, Owww Go to the jungle Go to the city Visit Soweto Live in the Bay or Somewhere in between 'Cause you'll never be unseen Unhh Now this is how it is We try to handle biz And make moves in this land where the power lives Where they devour kids And acts of cowardice rule from a tool of violence and a Shrouded bliss I try to release my malice And develop my inner peace in a place so callous Maybe I'll go to Angle or other Gold Coast And blow smoke with the old folks cause they know most Capture the cultured pearls, jewels, and gems It's a treasure hunt to stimulate your medulla stem The furthest reaches are within your clutches Concrete covered countries to the most birded regions Virgin territories, those exposed to man made woes They know them Hieros Electrified with lectures, collect respect and ride on Before you even know this I'm gone (No) Go to Saigon, Singapore, Sicily They consider me epitome in Italy (That's right) Hit Libya, India, Morocco Or go to Oakland and hit the eight deuce block dough Chicago, Liberia, Nigeria 'Frisco is cold like Siberia The list goes on Deport the gulf of Spain Maine, San Juan, Guam, or San Luis Obispo I don't know dog Maybe it's just me But I feel I'm clutching To hold nothing I mean bluffing I got the poker face I don't really know my place And I never chose this way So I go astray Throw aways blow away Every hope I hold today We were sold as slaves The sky is cold and grey My niggas showed the way So fan and listen now with this I see my golden age Unhh Times on travellin' Boundary crossin' Now we talkin' Worldwide, now we cost em' Fo' sho' partner I'm a globetrotter Downing shots of gold slaga' Smokin' like a 'O' roster I've flown lots of places in a Continental Every spot we've been to We monumental We rock the venue like we dropped a missile But it ain't an attack That's why the people keep on bringing us back, feel that (One, two, three) I didn't tap a belly Still I'm lovin' Machiavelli Trying to reach the pinnacle And we will, so be ready Said we jetty I've never stolen energy Combined with visionary minds so we itchin' to blow Like a Dirty Harry trigger finger With a needle quicker than my Pilipino homies on the two Turntables See the truth enables sight through your damaged cornea We got the formula from Oakland California (One, two, three) One, two One, two, two One, one, one, two One, one, one, two One, one, one, two One, one, two One, one, two One, one, ahh