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Tajai (Hieroglyphics)

You best to watch yo knot if The styles get chaotic Niggaz'll plague me bubonic But when I move on it They stay free Feet no hands at least And say "Peace!" Cause it's lethal when released Defending? Please... Watch me slice these cheesy MC's With 5 ounces of milky smooth enrichment Each encroachment's intolerable I'm too committed and these flows is volatile Wither with other music in it and this Industry in a sense is lost And my only guidance is inner sense and energy Enervating What I'm saying will bust your innards Innovating That's why implicating us as winners There's no mistake, emerging sole victorious An urgency felt in every flow we bust With surgeon reminiscent precision Even around the contours, curves and incursions We gettin in visual gettin busy More so than Aunt Kizzy's More so than bout any MC that touch mics What that look like, what that sound like? I'll give you a second Cause ain't no description sufficient For how we wreckin on records I recommend I rack and ruin all encompassable With a position at our beckon and call Butt naked ball, I bare it to y'all For you to stare at Too bad if you can't bear it, I'm gone Out there