Bow and Arrow (Dore Valerie)

Tales to be pleasant among the peasants I’ll sing of kings and knights song saying worlds turn to codes of honor ruling on day and night day and night. Knights posess the strongest pride but fragile hearts inside sometimes keep their spear from striking high Cries the kingdom’s fall and rise fights on the country side love and blood and armors left behind There’s no bad or good just sorrow And I say Bow and arrow bow and arrow find their way bow and arrow bow and arrow wound my heart bow and arrow should never part war should never start war should never start Sing of the lone hearts sing of the lands far sing it in words and rhymes songs of the minstrels echoe throught castles calling to future times Oh time Night, the chambers shine with light where Ladies virtues lie ‘til the fire of love will make them die Minds, who trust in magic lies just drown in nature’s tide Eagles born with broken wings don’t fly Open up your heart and your eyes and you’ll see