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Earthling (Frozen Plasma)

Curious inside I used to travel Through space and time No harm no villains to be feared Until I stepped into your world New smell, new taste, new sound Was what I found But underneath the blaze An undercurrent haze Of sorrow was revealed Desperate inside I cannot beg your suicide right I feel moral decay in your heart Death and all his shady friends Will gather for their feast Oh don't you see No salvation in sight The awakening might No never, never come Now, what's there to see Look at the waves crash in the sea To meet the shores you long to be I hope, you'll grow a little wiser Solve the mysteries Rule with your heart Make a change and evolve Because a second chance Will never never come And I realize there is No peace of mind Awake to see there is No remedy in sight Unwind me from This cruel reality Until my kingdom comes, Comes to reign over me