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It Ain't Easy Bein' Easy (Fricke Janie)

Surely you can sit down for a while Maybe you can even smile And I'll try to pretend that you love me again But it might take me a little while I know you'll be holding me tight You'll know when the moment is right When I was broken in two it was all because of you But baby I need you tonight Chorus: It ain't easy being easy Oh no You're the one who took my heart and my soul You walk away and left me out of control It ain't easy being easy Oh no (No it ain't) Easy when you're needing someone It ain't easy being under the gun But I'll surrender even though I should run It ain't easy being easy It ain't easy being easy oooh It ain't easy being easy. I might end up lonely again But once you were my only friend So I'll hold you and cry with the truth in my eyes Hoping you'll love me again. Chorus