Amen (Paper Tongues)

Once upon a time when a cowboy was a thug Sipping on pina coladas lying on a genie rug Back when nobody had cable they were still living the dream Amen Amen I love you doesn't matter when you say it in a text Used to meet a date in person now it's on the Internet Wherever I'm on the brink yeah I think I need a drink Amen Amen (Hook) You've just gotta lay your weapons down, forget about your problems Just do you, no one else can solve them Amen (X2) I know a girl who say she loves me but she's crazy in the head She don't even know my name but she still wants me in her bed There's an apple on the table, want a bite, be my guest Amen Amen Tommy's out of money and his team is 0 and 4 Plus he's looking in the window at the things he can't afford We've got neighbors on the street, why's the cycle on repeat Amen Amen (Hook) It's a new day now let's be friends (ayyo) No babies crying, no one dying (ayyo) Oh now let it be (ayyo) Come on now and join me (ayyo) Amen Lift up your voices children Amen Everybody (Hook X2) Can you teach me how to love, can you show me how to live Will you help me dig a well, is this the least that we can give When it's all said and done you'll be remembered by what you did Amen Amen