It's Not A Problem Unless You Make It One (We Are Defiance)

Hold your breath forever cause I can't bare to hear you speak You should, bite your tongue, save your lies you're just a flavor of the week You walk around with your head up high like the world owes you everything But in reality you have it out for me cause I can't stand the way you sing, you bitch I hope you know that we're all laughing at you Fabricate the words you say, you're a fad in every way I see right through those things you say and you do I can see but why can't they, you are fading day by day You fall short of the lies you told everyone knows that you're a fake I can see in your eyes you're just a bitch in disguise you fall harder with every step that you take You're not what you think you're just a knock off version of the person you are trying to be You're not anything stop trying you're a joke keep failing cause you're trying to be me You'll never be me!!!