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Un-Born Again (Exhorder)

hey you there in the chair why don't you hear your own self? you could find utopia but instead your brain is dead you talk of pains of love and transcendence from above before you know it you'll be six feet under as unconsciousness envelops you you've missed out on the big deal so all aboard without your lord and all of his ministry 'cause in the making's history disparage faith and as you write I shall dictate feed a starving woman dress the man then go to heaven like a good American and as the promised gates of serene recognizance fade into a numbing non- existence you will rot away without ever really having anything... disregard their settlement and be one like me un-born again sources say gods are the way and question not the reason How can you pretend? Amen! Shalom! Really? Hallelujah's gonna buy a first class seat? well let me tell you something brother that can't be beat! Well, I've heard the voice a thousand times the one you say created mine but I've come to understand the voice is from the man in me and not the one you've given higher ground do you understand I'm un-born again do you understand I'm un-born again it's a laughing shame that they've twisted your brain you could be one like me making your own decisions like you ought to be and from then you shall have become unborn again