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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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What You Give Is What You Get (Zimmer Joana)

We got a Little freaky due to physical lust. U gor me where u wanted regardless of my distrust. U got me talking all sweet sweet. Got me feeling like a love song. Fading now fading now fading now I gave a little lovin boy but u never gave back. Andbaby now I'm leaving u already got my things packed. I got your message on the cell phone. She said she likes it when you're downtown you've played around played played around It's alright, gotta move on. It's over now What you give is what you get: We met an the time we've been togethers. Giveb bozhering yet I Regret that I opened up: My heart an let U in what u sin. That I didn't wanna see U gotta let me go should've know that baby what u give is what U get I got U on the creep creep. Still U wanna new chance: But it's a little late now we've already had the last dance. SO don#t U ever call me. Don't U play another love song. I'll be gone I'll be gone I'll be gone It's alright, gotta move on. It's over now Take a good look at your life. Do U know the true meaning of love. Unhappines & loneliness is what you're heading for coz baby what u give is what u get